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Friday, September 30, 2011


                              ~ HOW TO ENJOY THE TRAV
Traveling has become the most talked about thing in the circle of life. Why? because were born to enjoy & experience the world outside of our Birthplace,Hometown or your comfort zone we've become adapted to. Just look as you walk or drive around your city's all you would mostly see is people with the invisible desire to make home a permanent place to live, start acareer, have a family etc without acknowledging the fact that its a beautiful big world to indulge in. New energy's of life to experience an bright mindful people to meet. We limit our ability to see new things god put here for us. Just imagine how fun it would be to take an cruise on a fancey ship across the ocean in harmony. There would will no stress at all i assume! infact you'll be at peace within yourself because youll have sweet stories to tell family & friends that life outside the box is magnifcent. Its almost inevible to fight the feeling that there's something great happening across the universe. How often have you said out loud " I would love to see the Eiffel Tower Someday " or vistit hawaii and dance the night away on a island. Its time to stop talking about it and do it. Experience the places were legend were born go after the places you've only dreamed about or have seen in pictures. With the right expert planning & The desire to travel with passion the sky is the limit for you. Create the aventure of a lifetime! create memories that last forever. you owe it to yourself to visit the beautiful beaches of brazil. Then vacate to africa were you'll taste the exotic magic of morocco before heading off to egypt to see the ancient and mysterious pyramids at giza. How about walking the romantic streets of paris were love is in the air. I say go for it I Am. So now that we covered the reason for traveling. Lets discuss tools you'll need for a successful trip. Its very important you follow the advise given in these facts here's the great pin points

Learn Potential Health Risks Before Leaving Home A website managed by the U.S. Department of Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contains some of the most up-to-date information about diseases, epidemics and other health news in countries around the world. Click on the region of the world that you are going to visit and you’ll find a wealth of health-related information, including which vaccinations you must have or are recommended, an update on diseases in the region, and tips for staying healthy while you are traveling.

Maximize Your Travel Experience - Having traveled all over the since I was a child, I've gained some insights into getting the most out of traveling. Travel is more than just going to a place, it's an inner journey as well. Growing as a person while on a road trip - or any kind of vacation - is the best kind of souvenir to bring home.
3. Know Your Destination Before Leaving Home Learn about the destination you want to visit via the Web, travel guidebooks and from friends. This helps when narrowing down which tour operator’s trip is most appealing. These days, for example, many companies offer hiking trips in Peru that include an Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, but what other experiences are included? Do you want time in Lima and a side trip to Lake Titicaca or Colca Canyon, too? Because the latter is relatively undiscovered, this will limit your

Don't forget to keep the phone numbers of your relatives and friends who are living in the country which you are about too visit.

5. Keep a camera with high capacity memory card to capture the unforgettable moments

If you are availing any tour package then ensure all the facilities that are covered in the package and ask the travel agent about any hidden charges etc. Look for other packages from other agencies and then compare them then only choose the best deal.

7. Know the Worst Days to Fly
Business travelers will tell you that Thursday and Friday are the worst days to fly because that's when many folks leave for vacation and many return from one. Airports can be jammed, and delays formidable. Traveling earlier in the week is better, and if possible schedule a late-morning or early-afternoon departure so you can avoid the mad crush of morning shuttle flights. But do get out before 4 p.m., when the masses arrive for evening flights.

8. Renting a Car? Join the Loyalty Club
As with hotels, it's a good idea to join a rental-car company's loyalty club. Benefits vary, but you typically get a priority phone number for reservations, discounts on rentals, and you never have to wait in long lines for a car. Remember when ordering a car to reserve early in the week. If you wait till Thursday or Friday, you're likely to encounter shortages or you'll get stuck with an expensive gas guzzler.

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